What to do when your dog gets SKUNKED


Spring has arrived, and with it comes the chance of run-ins with a skunk. If your unlucky pooch ends up on the the wrong end of a skunk encounter, here are some helpful tips to getting clean: 

Washing a dog after being sprayed by a skunk

  1. Wear gloves and old clothing: Skunk spray is not only strong and smelly, but it can also cause irritation and eye damage - as well as permanent damage to your clothing. Wear gloves and old clothing while handling your dog to avoid direct contact with the spray.

  2. Check for injuries: If your dog was sprayed in the face, check for injuries or signs of discomfort. Skunk spray can cause irritation, pain, and even temporary blindness.

  3. Bathe your dog: Yes, it's time for a bath. The most effective way to remove skunk spray from your dog is in fact to give them a bath. However, avoid using regular shampoo, as it can react with the skunk oil and make the odor even worse. Instead, use a specialized skunk odor remover, which is available at most pet stores. 

  4. Rinse thoroughly: After washing your dog, rinse them thoroughly to remove all traces of the skunk odor remover.

  5. Air dry: Let your dog air dry outside in the sun if possible, as the fresh air and sunlight can help remove any remaining odors.

  6. Repeat if necessary: In severe cases, you may need to repeat the bathing process several times to completely remove the skunk odor from your dog's coat and skin.

Several washes and your pup should be at a tolerable level of smell. Keep in mind that any time they get wet in the near future, the residual skunk oils will be activated and you'll get a lofty whiff of skunk once more. 


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