The HOUND Leash in Electric Pink Jellies

The HOUND Leash in Electric Pink Jellies

Go play! Jellies are an amazing new addition to HOUND Collection! Totally waterproof, super durable and ready for play in all kinds of weather, the HOUND Jellies are a pup's equivalent to rubber boots! Get muddy, go swimming (even in the ocean!), frolic in the snow - whatever your pup does hard - let them do it in the Jellies! 

 Waterproof, anti-stank, washable! 



All of our Leashes come in a standard 5ft length

Choose your Leash width based on the Collar or Harness you are pairing it with! 



Pairs with Collars in XXS-XS   and    Harnesses in Sizes 1-5 



Pairs with Collars in Medium-XXL    and   Harnesses in Sizes 6-14 


Hand crafted in Toronto 

Finished with Jellies Logos

Solid Brass Closure Hardware 


To care for your Jellies pieces, simply hand wash them with warm soap and water (dish soap works well). They will wash up beautifully! For stubborn stains, use a small amount of Rubbing Alcohol (can be purchased at the drug store!) for a super cleaning! 


 Please allow up to 15 days for hand crafting